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PortraitFlip saved thousands of dollars on paid advertising.

See how we’ve helped PortraitFlip achieve these amazing stats!


increase in organic traffic over 2 years


backlinks earned since we started using Ubersuggest

When PortraitFlip's Sunny Choudhary shared his results with us, we were so happy for him! What stood out the most was how he used keyword ideas and how his team created content around his business to attract the right people in the funnel stages with the right search intent. It's so intriguing how organic is still one of the most important channels for a lot of companies worldwide.

Neil Patel
Owner of Ubersuggest & Co-Founder of NP Digital

Arts & Entertainment


Handmade paintings


North America




Small: 1-15 employees

Company Size


of traffic increase over goal


of revenue increase over goal


of revenue that came from organic traffic

PortraitFlip makes handmade paintings from photos and delivers across the globe. With any photo, we can create a handmade painting and deliver it to you anywhere in the world with no delivery charges.

The Company




Newark, Delaware


Ubersuggest has been a great help, not only the tool but also Neil Patel's excellent perspective on marketing! Neil's blog and Youtube videos are the best place to start (and find inspiration) for a newbie.

Sunny Choudhary
Founder of PortraitFlip

The Challenge.

New business trying to reach their target audience on a limited budget.

Didn’t know how to do SEO but didn’t have budget to hire someone.

Experienced in their business, not in marketing.

Why is it so Difficult?

A complex business model, with several processes between purchase and delivery, with variables that cannot be standardized, and dozens of people involved.

How is it possible for a small team to be able to do everything the business requires and still put a growth strategy based on organic traffic?

The pressure of results! 

Ubersuggest tools PortraitFlip uses

Competitive Analysis

Seeing how our competitors are performing and what keywords they are ranking for helps us find opportunities to do
better than them.

Keywords by Traffic and Top Pages by Traffic together are a great help to get an idea of the keywords we are losing out on. 

Site Audit

One special feature we use is the Broken Link finder under the Site Audit results (anything under “Returned 4xx status code”). This is a savior to understand where we are losing links.

It is also good to see the Page Load time under the Site Audit to see if any added website code inadvertently increased load times. 


The Backlinks Overview helps us see how we’re doing over time with getting people to link back to our sites.

If the graph goes down, we increase our marketing outreach. 

Improving Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is at the root of all our e-commerce marketing efforts. The Keyword Overview feature helps us find the right keywords for our blog and social media to focus on throughout the year that is relevant to our business.

Keyword Ideas and Content Ideas help us find the next blog topics for both our websites.

Chrome Extension

Our whole team uses the handy Chrome Extension to research and understand keywords and competitor website performance.

It helps the team understand real-life scenarios of how keywords and competitor websites are performing in Google search results. Plus, it gives us a lot of data to consider for future research. 

The Results.

Traffic Increase

27% increase in traffic exceeded traffic expectations in the 1st quarter without paid promotion.

New Audience

Most of our year-over-year growth is coming from organic traffic that's been steadily growing since we started using Ubersuggest.


99.8% of revenue generated from our SEO and PPC efforts in 2021 came from organic search.

Traffic Increase

New Audience




Secured page #1 on Google above top competitors for primary keywords.

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“With Ubersuggest support, we saw an immediate impact within the 1st quarter that resulted in impressive keyword rankings, website visitors, and product downloads for PortraitFlip.”

Sunny Choudhary
Founder of PortraitFlip

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