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Generate your custom tags here. Use the OGT Guide below if you're stuck on what to enter. Paste the results into your page HTML in the <head> section of your website’s code.

Open Graph 
Tag Generator

Sharing a page on social media? You need Open Graph Tags

”OG tags” are <meta> tags placed in the HTML markup of a page that give you control over how a page is displayed in social media platforms when shared, ultimately helping to drive clicks on your content. Everything from the description on the page to the preview image can be easily managed this way.

There are some basic open graph tags that should always be included on any page being shared on social media platforms. Why?

  1. People are more likely to click on & share social content using OG tags.
  2. They help the social platform understand what your content is about, helping it get seen by the right people.
  3. They help users understand what your content is about, giving your content a better chance at being clicked on.
  4. They make your images more purposeful, relevant & sized correctly, also increasing visibility & potential click throughs.

Without using OG Tags, you’re leaving the appearance of your post up to the social media platform algorithm to interpret how your post will appear.

OG Tag Generator Guide

The title of the page as you’d like to be displayed on the social media platform.

This is how you describe the kind of content/object you’re sharing, i.e. blog post, article, video, picture, book, company etc. If you don’t specify a type, the default is often “website”. See this reference for a full list of object types.

The URL for the page (i.e. the page that all your shares will link to). This should be the undecorated URL of the page without any additional utm parameters included.

The URL for the page image that is being used as a preview when the page is shared.
Note: This image must be hosted outside of Unbounce (Google Drive is a good free option).

Post without 
Open Graph Tags

Post with 
Open Graph Tags

Optional Open Graph Tags 

OG: Audio

A URL to an audio file to accompany this object.

OG: Description

A one to two sentence description of your object.

OG: Video

A URL to a video file that complements this object.

OG: Locale

The locale these tags are marked up in. Of the format language_TERRITORY. Default is en_US.

OG: Site_name

If your object is part of a larger web site, the name which should be displayed for the overall site. e.g., "IMDb".

OG: Locale: Alternate

An array of other locales this page is available in.

OG: Determiner

The word that appears before this object's title in a sentence. An enum of (a, an, the, "", auto). If auto is chosen, the consumer of your data should chose between "a" or "an". Default is "" (blank).

Example of
Optional Open Graph Tag

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