NinjaCat increased their blog traffic by 162% in under a year.

See how we’ve helped NinjaCat achieve these amazing stats!


Increase in traffic to their blog since they began using Ubersuggest in August 2021.


Increase in keywords ranking on page one (positions 1-10)

NinjaCat is a great example of our larger customers with bigger needs than our solopreneur customers. Their marketing expertise allowed them to assess the SEO tools on the market and understand that Ubersuggest had everything they needed to quickly gain traction in search results. We’re proud of (though not surprised by) the results they’ve achieved in such a short amount of time.

Neil Patel
Owner of Ubersuggest & Co-Founder of NP Digital


What NinjaCat offers

Digital marketing performance management platform for agencies, media companies, and brands.

NinjaCat is a digital marketing performance management platform built for agencies, media companies, and brands. Powered by the industry’s most transformational data model for multi-channel digital marketing performance analytics, the NinjaCat platform connects all your marketing data into a single source of truth.

We’ve greatly expanded the variety of high-value keywords we ranked on since using Ubersuggest to inform our content strategy. Prior to Ubersuggest, we had a few page 1 rankings primarily for brand keywords and a couple of blog posts. We now attract organic traffic to dozens of blog posts and pages across our site, which results in higher quality traffic and helps expand our brand awareness.

Jessica Graeser
VP of Marketing - NinjaCat

The Challenge.

Blog was neglected and lacked SEO-driven content strategy

Wanted to build blog content and traffic rapidly with strategic SEO approach

Lack of visibility into "winnable" keywords to prioritize

Needed to attract top of funnel interest and brand awareness by expanding visibility on search results pages.

The Strategy & Solution.

The Results.

Traffic Increase

Have significant uptick in traffic in a large variety of keywords.

Driving Traffic

Historically, one blog and their homepage drove the bulk of site traffic.


Wide variety of website pages now drive traffic to their site


Have seen quick turnaround on some of the longer tail keywords that they previously handn’t thought of.

Would you recommend

"With Ubersuggest, we gained a line of sight into what was working and where we needed to improve. The easy-to-use platform allows us to self-serve without being SEO experts so we can get insights and take action to improve and monitor our content marketing program over time."

Jessica Graeser
VP of Marketing – NinjaCat

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Let’s Grow your traffic

Integrations with hundreds of marketing platforms and data sources to unify and transform your marketing data.

NinjaCat’s data engine eliminates 90% of marketer's manual data management efforts

Highly-automated, packaged performance reporting enables campaign performance reporting at scale across hundreds or thousands of clients / locations.

Visualize your marketing performance and results to build captivating data stories that prove the value of your programs to stakeholders.

The Company

Use Ubersuggest to perform audit of website to uncover and implement any technical and on-page quick wins.

Set up keyword rank tracking and keyword insights to inform content strategy and prioritize blog topics.

Plug in competitors to identify keyword overlap, gaps and opportunities.

Ubersuggest tools NinjaCat uses

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Content Marketing

Look at content ideas in Ubersuggest then hand over to content marketer to write engaging blogs.

Competitive Analysis

Look at pages that are ranking and get ideas for keywords where there are gaps.

Chrome Extension

Look at how keywords are performing on Google - keyword volume, CPC, and other insights.

Weekly Email Updates

Share with team to celebrate wins and catch any potential issues before they become bigger problems that are harder to fix in the long run.

Neil's Blogs & Videos

Helps the team use Ubersuggest to its full potential and to help shape SEO Strategy.

Rank Tracking

Favorite Tool in Ubersuggest! They love to see how they are moving up in rankings. Helps them focus on only what matters.

Traffic Increase

Driving Traffic






16-99 employees

Company Size

North America