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Ketonia increased their backlinks by 3,500% after one year of using Ubersuggest.

See how we’ve helped Ketonia achieve these amazing stats!


increase in organic traffic over 1 year


keywords ranking in the top 3

This mother-son duo worked hard to find their niche and it’s shown in their success. By creating a recipe blog, Ketonia has been able to use Ubersuggest to find what Keto recipes people are looking for and write content around that. This strategy is a perfect use of Ubersuggest and a great example of how creating engaging content is an organic traffic funnel.

Neil Patel
Owner of Ubersuggest & Co-Founder of NP Digital

Food and beverage


Keto-friendly Food


North America



Small: 1-15 employees

Company Size


on-page SEO Score


backlinks earned since using Ubersuggest

Ketonia is the mother-son keto bakery changing the way Americans think about the keto diet. The brainchild of French pastry chef Geri Terry was founded with her son, John to bring the best in baking and pastry to the forefront of nutrition. They sell their products online on their website and on Amazon, but just launched a line at Walmart.

The Company


Katy, Texas




Ubersuggest is a critical element of our marketing strategy. It’s allowed us to go from shooting in the dark to a defined SEO strategy based on real metrics. In the past five years, we went from a farmer’s market bakery to selling our products on Amazon and Walmart! We couldn’t have obtained this growth without the help of Neil’s expertise and Ubersuggest.

John Terry
VP of Ketonia

The Challenge.

Niche business with a small ad budget

Inexperienced marketers

Didn’t know where to begin

Why is it so Difficult?

We knew we needed to write more content to get our name out there but honestly didn’t know where to start. Our company is super niche and we aren’t experienced, marketers.

The million-dollar question was, how can we grow our business and get our product in front of the right people?

The Strategy & Solution.

After doing the Ubersuggest site audit on our website, I looked into all of the other different tools of Ubersuggest to find what we could do on a consistent basis. Our small team now meets weekly to look at our Ubersuggest top keyword opportunities. We use these keywords to create recipes for our blog and surround our weekly content strategy around it. This has helped us stay on top of trending keywords, increase backlinks, and ultimately drive traffic to our website.

Backlinks Opportunity Report

Backlinks have really been the reason why our website traffic has grown as much as it has. By looking at the Backlink Overview, we’re able to see where our traffic is coming from and see if there are any missed opportunities. 

Ubersuggest tools Ketonia uses

Neil's Blogs & Videos

If Neil is the teacher, then Ubersuggest is our homework! Neil’s Podcast is absolute gold and I’ve learned so much from his blogs and videos as well. 

Competitive Analysis

It’s great to get a little dirt on your competitors, but we also use the Site Audit and other reports like the Top Pages by Traffic and Keywords by Traffic to figure out if marketing opportunities are worthwhile. As a business owner, we’ve gotten swamped with individuals trying to collaborate and we’ve been able to use these tools to screen possible collaborations. 

Keyword Ideas

The Keyword Ideas Report is my favorite tool in Ubersuggest! We make a lot of content and it’s easy for our writing to feel stale or that we are just writing based on our own biases. The Keyword Idea report gives us the keywords that are actually going to work and then measures if it’s actually working. 

The Results.

Backlinks Skyrocket

1,070+ backlinks earned since using Ubersuggest

Traffic Increase

650% increase in Organic Traffic Over 1 Year

Keyword Ranking

30 keywords ranking in the top 3

Improved SEO

Team understands SEO and how to consistently improve

Backlinks Skyrocket

Traffic Increase

Keyword Ranking

Improve SEO

Would you recommend

“Ubersuggest not only has made us better SEO marketers, but it really makes our lives easier. We’re a really small team and we need the help and guidance for improving our SEO. It's changed our entire approach to marketing! We now have more time in the day to be creative and expand our business because of our new, analytical approach to marketing and content creation.”

John Terry
VP of Ketonia

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