Once we got initial traction using Ubersuggest, the tool helped us find other things to focus on and everything took off from there. It was a domino effect. Once we knocked over one SEO domino, the rest started tumbling down.

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Fountain Filters doubled their revenue after one year of using Ubersuggest.

See how we’ve helped Fountain Filters achieve these amazing stats!


Increase in Organic Traffic Over 3 Years (2019-2022)


Backlinks Earned since we started using Ubersuggest

Fountain Filters is a great example of how an e-commerce side-hustle can turn into a primary revenue source with the right SEO. After Fountain Filters amplified their on-page SEO, they saw the domino effect in traffic leads. Simon and his wife, Louise did a phenomenal job being intentional and learning everything they needed to know to drive revenue.

Neil Patel
Owner of Ubersuggest & Co-Founder of NP Digital



Water Filters




Fountain Filters


Small: 1-15 employees

Company Size


of traffic is organic


on-page SEO Score


Increase in sales from 2019-2020, again in 2020-2021

Fountain Filters is a one-stop online shop for domestic water filters. Their goal is to help people live healthier and improve the planet through educational resources and products for clean drinking water while minimizing single-use plastic bottles.

The Company
Fountain Filters


Newcastle Upon Tyne, England




To compare our SEO from before Ubersuggest is like comparing dial-up to broadband. Louise and I have seen extreme growth in traffic and revenue since using Ubersuggest. This was only a part-time job, and revenue has now been doubling every year! I initially started using Ubersuggest as a keyword suggestion tool, but then found all of their other tools to truly help our overall SEO health and strategy without it needing to be a full-time job.

Simon Allen
Owner of Fountain Filters

The Challenge.

Side-business. Couldn’t put a lot of time or resources into it.

Tight budget.

The company had been around for years but wasn’t getting much traction with organic traffic, no matter what they tried.

Why is it so Difficult?

There are a lot of moving parts to building an e-commerce business selling a potentially complicated product where customers don’t even know exactly what they need.

“Every overnight success takes 10 years to build”. 

- Simon Allen, Owner, Fountain Filters

The Strategy & Solution.

Fix our technical SEO issues and use the site audit regularly to help fix content.

Follow Neil’s blogs and videos to educate ourselves on SEO best practices.

Figure out which long-tail keywords to focus on and track regularly.

Chrome Extension

We love using the Chrome Extension for search term research. It’s the best tool out there AND it’s easy to use. It’s so helpful to be able to see data in real-time and how our competitors are doing on Google search results and on their websites.

Backlinks Opportunity

Because of the increased site visibility due to our SEO success, we’ve received a lot of new organic backlinks. I now actively use the Backlink Opportunity tool to work on getting more and better quality backlinks.

Ubersuggest tools Fountain Filter uses

Keyword Rank Tracking

The Keyword Idea Report helped us figure out which keywords to use and which to track. It helped me find words I didn’t think to track or focus on and that’s when everything really took off for us. After we started ranking #1 on Google Search for the key search phrase, “mains water filter” (our core business), it became a domino effect and we started ranking for other long-term keywords as well!

Content Ideas

After using the Site Audit, we found that our website content was a bit off and causing us to score poorly for on-page SEO. We’ve been able to improve our pages through the SEO Issues Report and use it as a checklist. The Content Ideas Report gives us great ideas for our blog that we continue to implement.

Keyword Ideas

From the very beginning, we’ve used the Keyword Ideas Report to help us find all sorts of long-tail keywords to target that our competitors aren’t. It’s helped us understand what people are searching for and how they talk about their problems, ultimately driving our content strategy and attracting high-value prospects to the site.

The Results.

Traffic Increase

300% increase in organic traffic after only a year of using Ubersuggest. 


Sales doubled from 2019 to 2020, and again from 2020 to 2021. On track to double again in 2022.

Organic Traffic

At least 85% of website traffic is organic

SEO Score

95 on-page SEO score

Traffic Increase


Organic Traffic

SEO Score



746 backlinks and growing steadily

Would you recommend

“Ubersuggest gave Louise and I the confidence to know what to do to improve our SEO. Before using Ubersuggest, we tried using other SEO tools, but they were all too expensive and too confusing to use for a small business like ours. Ubersuggest has the best price point and we were able to easily understand what steps to take for our business. It has been fundamental to our business’ growth.”

Simon Allen
Owner of Fountain Filters

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